Multigaming Community

We are a international yet minimalistic and simple gaming community. Everything on our teamspeak server is automated by our bots.

Our automated bots let you create your very own channel of which you a free to move and kick users out of your channel as well as setting up a password and change the codec any time.

We will never run a application system of which we would ask for personal information such as your age or where you exactly live. All you have to do is to join the verify-channel found right under lounge and you're done. We do allow any kind of VPN and proxy as well as soundboards as long as you play them in your channel.

We do not aim to be publicly successful nor do we support gamers that are addicted to casual gaming. Our goal is to provide a place for the most competitive and high-skilled players.

All we provide is a server you connect to and play with your friends. That's all.